Achieve super toned muscles with Isometric training

Calisthenic athletes know how to utilise this in order to achieve strength which gives them solid core muscles, upper ad lower body strength to perform movements such as these (see video)

For me, creating strong muscles and training those muscles for endurance is far more beneficial than muscle size – not to mention much less expensive for my food bill! Seriously, could you stomach kg’s of egg whites, chicken breasts and tuna everyday??? It’s just not realistic to be able to keep up with that diet and still enjoy life (in my opinion). Increasing your protein intake is important of course, but not so much that it’s burning a hole through your wallet. Plus there are so many foods which are highly nutritious, full of protein, delicious, and add variety and colour to your plate. I’m a huge fan of leafy greens, fruit and colourful vegetables, and I enjoy them most in their natural raw state. Simple dishes like chicken breast, kale, spinach and red pepper, lemon and blackpepper salad, maybe with a few nuts and seeds, even some cinnamon to give a little sweetness (i love cinnamon!) – for me, that’s what I go for.

Here’s an interesting fact on one of the worlds most successful Calisthenics athletes – he’s a vegan! So where does he get the protein from to fuel his recovery? Find out here:

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