When we take on new clients, we take on the responsibility of managing your health and fitness, the level of intensity at which you will train, and your safety. We will push you to maintain self-discipline, overcome any feelings which may prevent you from working hard, and provide as much support and resources possible so that you will achieve your goals.
All our programmes are designed to meet you where you’re at, and then take you to where you want to be. Take a look at the programmes below then simply contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to discuss further. Don’t forget that you’re welcome to book a free session and see if we’re the right Personal Trainers for you.

What you can expect


All our programmes are created within 12 week cycles. Every 12 weeks we’ll modify your programme to ensure it matches your needs and improving fitness levels.


You’ll undergo a Health Assessment every 4 weeks and take on various fitness challenges to measure your performance. Keeping you on track the whole way!


All our programmes include core strengthening as standard. A solid core is key to maintaining strength in your movements, and training with good form.


We’ll teach you about optimal recovery and active rest, including guidance on better sleep, which will help you train regularly and reduce fatigue.


You’ll receive nutritional guidance based on your training needs. Everyone has different nutritional needs based on their activity and their goals. 


Improve your core strength with St Albans Personal Training

New to all of this?

You’re not alone. Many people come to us without ever having tried a gym before. You might be a little anxious about using a public gym and would prefer to start your fitness journey in a private studio with a Personal Trainer. We want to encourage you to make a decision to start your training. Even if it seems impossible we highly recommend you give us a try, take that first by contacting us, and let us show you your true potential. 

The Begin and Be You training programme is a 12 week programme designed to give you the best possible start. During your first 2 weeks with us we’ll be training you in the basics and assessing your current fitness levels. You’ll learn how to perform exercises correctly whether it’s bodyweight exercises, performing cardiovascular workouts, and even using olympic barbells! (this always ends up being a favourite amongst our new clients!)


build muscle and strength with St Albans Personal Training
Been away from the gym for a while? Ready to get back into action?

It’s a similar story for many. You used to exercise regularly, but recently your work commitments and other responsibilities meant you had less time to devote to exercise. You might find yourself now able to commit more time to exercise, or perhaps you’re looking for a way to include exercise in your busy schedule.
Either way, we’ll create a training programme unique to your situation. The great news for you is that you’ll likely have the muscle memory and a level of knowledge that will help you get back to winning ways quickly. Training with us will allow you to do this safely and efficiently.

Does this sound like the programme for you? If you’re ready to get back into a rigorous and challenging training schedule that was once a part of your routine then contact us now to talk further.


Rehab your injury with St Albans Personal Training

Is pain and discomfort holding you back?

Muscular and skeletal pains, mobility impingements, and joint problems are never straight forward and are rarely healed with one magic exercise or stretch. The path towards healing muscular and skeletal pain requires a dynamic and holistic approach. Strengthening and improving mobility will be central to the training itself, but we go beyond this. We investigate the origin of your pain and perform assessments so we can know what else is currently contributing to it.
Our method utlises a Test > Treat > Test > Train approach. We call this The Four T’s. Whilst your pain may be caused by something in your daily routine such as poor posture at work, this won’t be the whole story. Whether your muscular pain was caused by trauma, poor posture, poor exercise form, or as a result of your bodies natural composition, we’ll show you how to manage it. Over time and with a training programme specific to your needs, we’ll help you reduce your muscular pain and get you back to your fighting fitness once again.

We also work in collaboration with an expert Osteopath to ensure your rehab programme will deliver optimal results. Contact us now to book a call and learn more about this unique approach of


This image is our websites main header image. It shows a person getting ready in the start position for a 100m sprint. Welcome to St Albans Personal Training. Check out our website and get in contact to start you journey towards a new stronger you.

Exercising regularly but determined to reach a new level of fitness?

You may be someone who has a great routine, but can’t seem to take your fitness to that next level. Whether you’re wanting to look more toned, increase muscle size, or improve your cardiovascular fitness, we’ll show you the training techniques that will raise your game and push you beyond what you thought was possible.

This is a programme for those who already have a good knowledge base, have experience with training and performance, and want to take their game to the next level. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau with your progress and you want to know how to improve your 1 rep max, progress further with your resistance training, or further improve your cardiovascular training. Perhaps you want to learn how to improve your 10k or marathon times. You may be reading this and wanting to become a more athletic, stronger, and faster player for your sports team. 

What ever your drive and purpose for wanting to improve is, we’ll give you the expert training and motivation to smash boundaries, demolish plateaus, and help you enjoy athletic performance at a higher level.