6 Week Health Kickstarter

6 Week Health Kickstarter


Join our Free Online 6 Week Health Kickstarter Course!

Starts Friday 12th of January at 7:30pm!


Free Facebook Live Seminars every Friday @ 7:30pm showing you

how to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals!


What is the 6 Week Health Kickstarter Course?

Welcome to Dan Johnston’s (StAPT) and Lara Painting’s (Synergise Me) FREE Health Kickstarter 6 Week Course!

Over 6 weeks we’ll be running a weekly Facebook Live 45 minute session, where we’ll give you our best advice for kickstarting your journey towards a healthier and stronger version of yourself. We’ll be discussing topics such as nutrition and weight loss, fat burning, cardio and strength training, and detoxing. All you need to do is join our Facebook Group and tune in every Friday @ 7:30pm!

What’s Involved?

Each week we will cover a different topic and you’ll be able to ask us questions using Facebook Live. Here is the schedule:

Week 1 – Nutrition
Week 2 – Cardio Fitness
Week 3 – Core Strength
Week 4 – Resistance Training
Week 5 – Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability Training
Week 6 – Detox

Each week we will also be giving away our action plans and a few other surprises so that you can apply what you learn and continue to improve your health once the course has finished.

Live Intentionally, not Passively!

The reason we are giving away 6 free great Facebook Live seminars on improving your health and nutrition is that we want to help people become much more proactive about their health than reactive. We call this Intentional Living.

Intentional Living to us means that you are always planning ahead with your meals, your exercise regime, the amount of water you plan to drink daily, even the amount of sleep you know you need to get each night to feel great the next day.

Passive living to us means you are always reacting to your daily challenges. It’s where you wake up tired (because you went to bed when you felt like it instead of when you needed to) and then decide to drink coffee in response to that tiredness (instead of drinking the water you need), and throughout the day you feel absolutely knackered so you eat sugary snacks to give you a quick boost, AND THEN you come home from work so tired that you simply do not have the energy levels to do any exercise!

So make that decision today to start Living Intentionally and not Passively. Take action, join our Facebook Group, tune in to our Facebook Live Sessions for 6 weeks every Friday @ 7:30pm starting on the 12th of January, and we promise to give you our very best advice and support so that you can make a real posititive change to your health today!


Join the St Albans Personal Training and Synergise Me 6 Week online Health Kickstarter Course! Join the group and tune in to Facebook Live on Fridays at 7:30pm starting on the 12th of January 2018