No one could have predicted the situation we have found ourselves in. The best we can do is look after each other and take any steps necessary. At StAPT we work on the values that your health and fitness is our responsibility. This includes working hard to eliminate any potential areas of risk, whether it be with the use of our training equipment or minimising the transmission of diseases.

StAPT has always taken a strict approach towards cleanliness and hygiene. We have always provided hand sanitiser and have always adapted training sessions (particularly during winter) to help minimise the spread of diseases.
But even with all our efforts so far we are still looking for ways to do more. Sometimes these methods may not make immediate sense, but they are done with the intention of looking after you as best as we possibly can.

Please take the time to read our Covid-19 Policy. We have put this in place as a way of looking after you and others you may come into contact with.


We want to be absolutely clear. All our clients and staff abide by this policy. We do not take on clients who refuse to take appropriate measures to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and other diseases such as colds and flu. If your opinion differs from that of this policy then StAPT will refuse to serve you. We will not risk the health of our clients, our staff, and their family and friends.

StAPT will be participating in Government led Test and Trace programmes, services, and other such plans and operations set out in UK law. This will likely mean that personal information provided by you to us will be used for such operations. We will only use the information required by UK law for these operations. No other information will be released. Currently the information required for NHS Test and Trace are your full name and a contact number. 

Our staff will still be wearing the appropriate PPE when and where deemed required. This may be in the form of either a mask or a protective face shield (which ever is more appropriate and practical). Between all training sessions staff will be washing and sanitising their hands, as well as all equipment and areas of the building that present a higher risk of transmission (such as door handles and stair railings). Your Personal Trainer will do their best to maintain as much distance between you and them as possible so please don’t be alarmed by this.


Please follow the set out procedures upon each visit to the studio:

1. Upon entry please put your phone away, ensure you are wearing a face covering before entering the building and use the provided hand sanitisers immediately.

2. Please keep your mask on until you begin your training session. You may remove your mask for exercise.

3. Please keep contact with your belongings to an absolute minimum whilst in the studio.

4. Just like with a physiotherapist, osteopath, and other health practitioners, your Personal Trainer may be required to come into closer contact with you for the purpose of maintaining your safety and for the practicalities of teaching exercise (for example; spotting during a bench press or performing PNF stretching exercises). When this is the case, you’ll be required to put your face covering back on.

5. Your Personal Trainer will not shake your hand before or after the session so please do not expect them to.

6. Once your session has finished please put your face covering back on and use the hand sanitisers provided before leaving the studio (you can of course use your own hand sanitiser if you wish).

7. There will be no need to bring any cash or coins with you. All payments are made contactlessly.




If after reading this or if during one of your visits you have anything you would like to feedback to us then we are all ears! There are no manuals on how to deal with a pandemic so we need your support and input. Now is the time to help each other more so than ever so please do let us know if your expectations were met and if there is anything you would like us to do in order to improve your experience and safety.