Since launching our professional Personal Training business in 2006, we have grown leaps and bounds! We are currently one of the top ranked PT business in St Albans and appear in the top results on Google. We have received great feedback from all our clients, and we believe this has come from our passion for improving the lives of our clients through our structured, consistent, and educational training programmes.

We currently have a big demand from prospective clients due to our Google ranking and our partnership with BodyBalance Oesteopath Clinic. This demand means that we want to hear from local self employed Personal Trainers who are looking to expand their client base, and work in a professional studio which is part of wider network of health clinics.

Are you interested in hearing more about how StAPT can help you as a Personal Trainer? 



We offer two solutions to help you grow as a Personal Trainer. As a self employed PT we fully understand you’re keen to grow your client base, improve your knowledge, and most importantly – improve the lives of your clients.

Our two solutions for you are as follows. We can offer you to either:


Option 1 –  Be a part of the StAPT Brand

Option 2 – Simply hire our studio and equipment for your own brand


See below for more details regarding both offers. For more information please email Dan Johnston at dan.johnston@stapt.co.uk to schedule a call and discuss further. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we’re happy to invite you down to our studio so you can check it out for yourself!



 We would love you to join the StAPT Brand and help spread our message. This is why we have put together an offering for you which aims to make being a PT with us as easy as possible whilst allowing you to grow your client base through us. There are no minimum hours that you’ll be required to book the studio for, and we offer complete flexibility in our terms.

By joining the StAPT brand, we will offer the following:


1. StAPT Client referrals – you’ll receive all our client leads and referrals
2. Priority Osteopath referrals – our Osteopath often has clients who need to move from Osteopathy to strength based training programmes
3. Business and admin support, PT support and advice – we’ll take care of the invoicing and general administration. Leaving you to fully focus and look after the needs of your clients. You’ll also have additional support and advice from the Osteopath and the head Personal Trainer at StAPT if you find you need assistance with your clients, particular around specific rehab programmes.
4. Client access to Osteopathy and Physiotherapists – since you’ll be joining a network of healthcare professionals, you’ll be able to refer your clients to an Osteopath or physiotherapist who operate within the same building. This also allows you to share notes and receive recommendations with the in-house Osteopath and Physio, which ultimately provides a major benefit to your client. We also have access to other services including ultrasound scanning, gate analysis, and shockwave therapy.
5. Page on website, blog posts, and social media – We’ll help promote you as a trainer and help get your name out there within the local community
6. Bring your own clients too! If you already have a client base you’re welcome to train your current clients at our studio!
7. Use of our Studio and Equipment – we have a smart and professional studio which homes olympic barbells and bumper plates, as well as all the standard equipment you would expect. Our studio also has access to waiting areas and consulting rooms



If you’re looking to simply hire a studio and equipment for your PT business, then we offer a competitive rate for use of our professional studop and equipment. We always welcome adding new PT’s to our professional network.

If you’re looking to hire our studio then there is a minimum hours you’ll be required to book which will be charged on a monthly basis.