The 90 Day Challenge is a personal training programme which is written specifically for your chosen goal, whether that be weight loss, increasing muscle mass, or improving cardiovascular fitness. You’ll perform your 90 Day Challenge with a Personal Trainer on a 1:1 basis, training 3x a week at our Private Studio located in St Albans City centre.

Over the next 90 Days you will be challenged with a daily workout plan, and have the guidance and full support of a Personal Trainer. You’ll perform various strength, mobility, cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routines which have been created and put together in a programme that will achieve your goal in 90 Days. You’ll also undergo health assessments and perform fitness challenges to measure your progress.

St Albans Personal Training 90 Day Body Transformation Challenge!

What’s involved?

You’ll commit to a 90 Day training programme where there are no excuses and no backing out once you start. Before you take on this challenge, we will perform a health assessment and offer a free training session to ensure it is safe for you to undertake this challenge. This challenge is for any fitness level as it is completely dependant on your chosen goal.

You’ll be required to commit to 3x 1 hour training sessions per week at our private studio with a Personal Trainer, and you’ll need to keep a diary of your activities for the 90 Days, ensuring you fully commit to your programme. You’re Personal Trainer will also be available to you over the phone or via video chat if you need any help, guidance, or even just that motivational push on those tougher days to keep you going.

You can expect your limits to be stretched and you will discover just how much more you can give throughout the 90 Days.




We have seen our 90 Day Challenge Programme help our clients not only transform their bodies, but also their mindset. Our clients have become happier and more confident in themselves knowing that they achieved their goals and that they have something to show for it. A 90 Day Challenge is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Not only will you come away with your goals achieved, you will gain a new skillset and mindset which will take you further. This is more than just exercise, this is a total transformation to become the strongest version of you. Our 90 Day Challenge teaches you to live intentionally and not just passively. That means that we will work with you to develop new habits so you can look forward and continue to progress further. This will only happen if you take the decision to speak to us, ask us questions, and try us out. Don’t wait another few months or another year to make this decision. We’re here to help and we’re inviting you to our studio for a free 1 hour consultation if you drop us a message using the contact form below.

80% of Success is just Showing Up!